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Domain of the third level

We provide free domains of the 3rd
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On all virtual hosting plans

  • PHP 5.3/5.4/5.5/5.6/7.0/7.1/7.2/7.3/7.4/8 support for choice
  • Error Pages
  • .htaccess support
  • MySQL
  • Automatic installation of scripts
  • Automatic data archiving
  • Backup
  • Website traffic statistics
  • SSL support without dedicated IP address
  • CRON
  • Remote MySQL connection
  • FTP
  • Unpack .zip .tar.gz
  • PhpMyadmin
  • DNS Management
  • Plesk Control Panel
  • Hosting in Russia

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Frequently Asked Questions about "Web Hosting for a website"

What is "Hosting"?

This word was formed from the English word "host", which in the context of a computer network is translated as "main computer" or simply "server". "Hosting service" or in professional jargon "Hosting" refers to services for placing information on a server in a network. And since recently the word "Hosting" is almost always used in relation to the Internet, its definition can be changed to the following:
Hosting is a service for posting information on the Internet.

How does Hosting sites work?

Hosting sites is a service that allows you to host your website or web application on the Internet. If you buy a Hosting service, you rent space on the server where you will place your site data.

What is a "domain"?

A domain name (domain) is a unique set of characters that allows you to associate a resource running on the Internet with the IP address of the server on which it is located. Domain name (domain) it consists of several fields (character sets) separated by dots (for example, ).

Which tariff plan is better for me?

If you are going to place no more than 20-50 pages on your site with updating them every six months, then the most suitable Hosting plan for all parameters will be "Hosting-80". For more serious projects, the tariff plans are "Hosting-200" or "Hosting-300". For corporate customers and those who actively post a large amount of information on the Network, the Hosting-450 tariff is best suited. See the table of tariff plans.

Are there any restrictions on the information posted?

We do not allow materials to be posted on our network:

  • Unlicensed software;
  • Materials calling for violence;
  • Materials of child pornography, zoo, scenes of violence, etc;
  • Contrary to the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the USA;
It is also strictly prohibited: spam (mass unauthorized mailing of emails), the use of our network for unauthorized access to other resources. For more details, see the rules.

I placed an order and paid for the account. After what time will Hosting be ready to work?

The hosting account is created automatically. You will receive an email with access within a few minutes.

I placed an order, but did not receive a notification about opening an account. What should I do?

There may be two reasons. The first is if you incorrectly placed an order and it was not accepted for processing by the administrator. In this case, you will be contacted by email. The second is that there may be a problem with delivery to your mailbox. Usually such problems occur on free services , , , . If you have not received access data within 5 hours, we recommend that you ask a question on with an indication of another email address to contact you.

And what will happen to my site when the paid period expires?

We will send you an email with a reminder of the need to pay for our services 30 days with a periodicity of 3 days before the expiration of the account. If payment for our services is not received before the expiration of the account, we suspend the account, and after 15-30 days, if payment is not received, the account is deleted.


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